IBM is offering 30-days of free support for WAS CE.  This offer has been available for about 1 month now, and I’ve heard from the WAS CE team that the response has been quite strong.  And they expect even more adoption, since the free 30-day support has been extended to users who download WAS CE from Sourceforge/OSTG.  (Side note: WAS CE downloads via sf/OSTG are almost 10x more than through

This is a great idea that I’m sure is going to help customers choose WAS CE even if they haven’t had experience with IBM support in the past.  Removing barriers to adoption is a great benefit of the OSS movement.  It’s cool to see the WAS CE team applying those lessons to support also!

So go ahead, give WAS CE and the trial support a shot to get familiar with the quality of support you can expect from IBM for WAS CE.