In an example of my blog eating my post, I just realized that I had written this originally on September 19, but neglected to publish it until now.

WAS Community Edition is available for download here, and it now comes with 30 days of free support, so go give it a try!

WAS CE adds support for Java SE 5 (on the IBM JDK), even more nifty deployment capabilities to simplify deployment/redeployment and an updated Eclipse plug-in for developing and debugging using the Eclipse WTP 1.5.  WAS CE also picked up all of the critical defect fixes from Apache Geronimo 1.1.1.  There’s more info on WAS CE 1.1 for you to read here.

I’ve always liked this page because it shows a high-level architecture of WAS CE (i.e. how you get Tomcat, AXIS, etc. and only use what you need), so check it out also.