I found an interesting email from Red Hat/JBoss that was sent at the end of August. The email attempts to explain how, with Red Hat and JBoss being “now one”, everybody wins. By ‘wins’, I wondered if they meant:

  • If you’re using JBoss and Red Hat together, great, you’re a captive audience. So, we’re going to sell you a 3 to 5 day services engagement to help tune and optimize JBoss on Red Hat.
  • If you’re using JBoss on a non Red Hat OS, we’ll help you fix that mistake and get you on Red Hat.

Reading it made me wonder if I had signed up to an email from Microsoft a la, “You can have it all, as long as it’s from Microsoft”. New Flash: There are other operating systems and middleware products on the market that people are happily using; Story at 11.

I can remember an early discussion about which operating systems to support with WAS Community Edition (WAS CE) when we were planning for WAS CE 1.0 (GA’d Nov. 2005). We looked at what our customers and the developers we wanted to reach were using as their OS. We targeted those OSes. We didn’t include AIX support until mid-way this year. For that matter, we supported Red Flag Data Center (to address our Asian customers) for nearly 8 months before we added AIX support! Even today, some traditional IBM OSes are not fully supported by WAS CE. Why? Because WAS CE customers are mainly using SLES, RHEL, RFDC and Windows, and we’re not about to preach to them about the virtues of another OS, just because it’s developed by IBM.

While I’m no longer involved, I’m certain that the planning around future versions of WAS CE starts at the same point, the customer. What a novel idea.